• What is the primary area of activity of the CD PROJEKT Group?

The CD PROJEKT Group is active on the dynamically growing global digital entertainment segment. We build upon our brands – The Witcher and Cyberpunk – to create and publish top-quality games for the PC, consoles and mobile devices. We also operate our proprietary digital distribution platform, GOG.COM, through which we distribute our own games, as well as thousands of games licensed from external partners, to customers around the world. The CD PROJEKT Group also owns The Molasses Flood, a Boston-based studio working on Sirius, a game set in the Witcher universe.

Further information about the Group can be found at:




  • How is the CD PROJEKT Group structured?

The structure of the CD PROJEKT Group is explained at:



  • What is the composition of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board of CD PROJEKT? How long are their respective terms?

Members of the Management Board are listed at:


Members of the Management Board, including its President, are appointed for a joint four-year term, which began on the date of the General Meeting convened to approve the Company’s financial statement for 2020.

Members of the Supervisory Board are listed at:


Members of the Supervisory Board are appointed for a joint four-year term, which began on the date of the General Meeting convened to approve the Company’s financial statement for 2020.


  • What is the Group’s market outlook?

Information regarding the Group’s market environment, including the outlook of the videogame industry, can be found at https://www.cdprojekt.com/en/capital-group/market-environment/


  • On what markets is the CD PROJEKT Group present?

Given the global nature of the videogame industry, the CD PROJEKT Group’s products are marketed to gamers around the world. In 2023 98% of the Group’s sales revenues came from exports. North America and Europe accounted for 71% and 19% of the Group’s sales respectively.

  • What is the strategy of the CD PROJEKT Group?

The Group’s strategy is described at https://www.cdprojekt.com/en/capital-group/strategy/.




  • Since when is the Company listed on WSE?

Following acquisition by Optimus S.A., a WSE listed company, of the enterprise which had since 1994 operated under the name “CD PROJEKT”, and the simultaneous acquisition of a controlling share of Optimus stock by the owners of CD PROJEKT – the resulting enterprise, which deals with development, publishing and distribution of videogames, has been traded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1 May 2010.


  • What is the current shareholding structure of CD PROJEKT S.A.?

The Company’s shareholding structure is described at https://www.cdprojekt.com/en/investors/shareholders/.


  • Do any shareholders hold preference shares?

No shareholders of CD PROJEKT S.A. hold any preference shares.


  • How can I buy CD PROJEKT S.A. stock?

CD PROJEKT S.A. shares are traded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. To buy or sell shares of any WSE listed company, you need to open a securities account in one of Polish brokerage houses, or in a foreign brokerage house which engages in trading on WSE. The list of exchange members is available on the WSE website at https://www.gpw.pl/list-of-exchange-members.

Transactions can also be carried out on WSE using electronic investment platforms.

If you are new to investing, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the guides published by the Warsaw Stock Exchange at https://www.gpw.pl/how-to-start-investing.


  • Can I buy shares directly from the Company?

The Company does not directly sell shares to investors.


  • What is the current trading price of CD PROJEKT S.A. stock?

Current prices (subject to a 15-minute update delay) are listed on the WSE website.


  • What indices is the Company part of?

CD PROJEKT S.A. is part of the following indices:



  • Does the Company publish financial forecasts?

CD PROJEKT S.A. does not publish financial forecasts.


  • Does the Company have a dividend policy?

CD PROJEKT S.A. does not have a dividend policy. Given the cyclical nature of the Company’s activities, each year the Management Board makes a decision regarding the proposed allocation of the Company’s net result, and submits it to the General Meeting.


  • When is the next earnings report coming out?

Publication dates of the Company’s earnings reports are listed at https://www.cdprojekt.com/en/investors/events/.


  • When can I find information concerning resolutions adopted by the General Meeting or draft resolutions submitted to the next General Meeting?

All information concerning General Meetings, whether past or future, can be found at https://www.cdprojekt.com/en/investors/general-meetings/.


  • Which brokers publish reports covering the Company’s stock?

The list of brokers and analysts who publish recommendations concerning CD PROJEKT S.A. stock can be found at https://www.cdprojekt.com/en/investors/analysts/.


  • Does the Company implement corporate governance practices?

Information regarding corporate governance rules in force at CD PROJEKT S.A. can be found at https://www.cdprojekt.com/en/investors/corporate-governance/.


  • Is there a way to receive regular updates on the Company’s activities?

If you’re interested in receiving regular updates from the Company, we invite you to subscribe to our investors’ newsletter at this link.

We also invite you to follow us on social media:

Finally, we encourage you to monitor our newsfeed and our current reports.




  • Where can I find the Company’s and the Group’s financial data?

Key financial data (including a downloadable xls spreadsheet) can be found at https://www.cdprojekt.com/en/investors/financial-summary-report/.

Periodic reports, earnings presentations, video recordings of earnings conferences and the associated commentaries are available at https://www.cdprojekt.com/en/investors/result-center/.


  • What standards does the Company apply in preparing its financial statements?

Financial statements published by CD PROJEKT S.A. comply with the International Financial Reporting Standards.


  • Who audits the Company’s financial statements?

Information regarding the entity contracted to audit the Group’s financial statements can be found at https://www.cdprojekt.com/en/investors/independent-auditor/.


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