Terms of Service

Terms of Service
last update: 27 June 2023

  1. These Terms specify the principles of using the Internet service available at: cdprojekt.com (further: “Service”).
  2. By using the Service, the user accepts the terms and conditions of these Terms and undertakes to comply with them.
  3. The Service is maintained by the company CD PROJEKT S.A., with its registered office at ul. Jagiellońska 74, 03-301 Warszawa, Poland, entered in the Polish Court Registered kept by the 13th Commercial Department of District Court for the city of Warsaw under number KRS 0000006865, tax identification number NIP 7342867148, statistical number REGON 492707333, share capital PLN 99,910,510.00 (further: “Company”). In general matters, please contact the Company at: recepcja@cdprojekt.com. For contacts about specific topics, please use the addresses showed in the tab cdprojekt.com/en/kontakt.
  4. The Service constitutes a source of information about the Company, the CD PROJEKT Capital Group, and about their operations. It is intended to publish information that must be posted by the Company on the Internet by law. The Service also constitutes an additional source of information about news and about the organisation and operation of the Company and of the entire Capital Group, e.g. their compositions, activities, key products and services, and the adopted strategy of operation. Unless indicated otherwise, utterances of the moderator or of any persons connected with the Company’s operations do not have the nature of the Company’s official communications.
  5. The Company makes every effort for information to be collected and updated with due care.


  1. Through the Service, the Company provides the following services:
    1. Internet Forum – a place of exchanging information and experience the subject matter of which is connected with the operations of the CD PROJEKT Capital Group, by users, with potential participation of individuals engaged on the Company’s part;
    2. Newsletter – an additional information bulletin sent to the user’s e-mail address and concerning the current organisation and operation of the CD PROJEKT Capital Group.
  2. In order to publish content on the forum, the user is obliged to register his/her user account, for which an e-mail address and a username (login) must be provided, the Service privacy policy and these Terms must be accepted, and upon logging in for the first time – an access password must be established. Unregistered users can access the forum and the content published therein, however they cannot publish their own posts. In order to cease provision of the user account maintenance services as part of the forum, the user files with the Company an application to delete his/her account by sending an e-mail from the address assigned to such account.
  3. In order to receive the Company’s newsletter, the user provides his/her e-mail address for this purpose and accepts at the same time the Service privacy policy and these Terms . In order to cease to receive the newsletter, the user chooses the unsubscribe” option available at the bottom of each message containing a newsletter.
  4. The minimum technical requirements enabling the user to take advantage of the Service comprise having at least browsers in the following versions (or newer): Chrome 64, Firefox 59, Safari 11, iOS Safari 10.3, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge 16.
  5. All actions taken by the user within the Service should be in accordance with established customs and applicable law, in particular as regards the protection of personal interests and copyright. The user undertakes not to post content of illegal nature or content that may adversely affect the security of the Service or harm other users.


  1. The user is liable for:
    1. materials, including posts and comments, placed in the Service,
    2. losses arising from actions being in contravention of the applicable law or these Terms,
    3. consequences of decisions taken by the user based on information obtained as a result of using resources of this Service.
  2. The user is aware of threats existing in the Internet, in particular that passwords might be captured by third parties or that the user’s system might be infected with viruses, as well as of losses that may arise as a result of such events. The user is obliged to keep confidential his/her password to the services provided as part of the Service.
  3. The Company:
    1. will exercise due care so that the Service can be used in accordance with these Terms , notifying the users at the same time that problems with access to the Service may occur, in particular caused by parameters of the software, hardware, or network connection being other than those required in the Terms ,
    2. will inform the users that technical problems or limitations caused by the user’s hardware may prevent or limit the user’s access to the Service or may affect the quality of its use.
  4. The Company is not liable for the content of other websites or Internet services that are not owned or possessed by the Company, to which links have been placed in the Service.


  1. Each user is entitled to bring a complaint about matters connected with the functioning of the Service or the Forum. Complaints should be submitted electronically at: legal@cdprojektred.com.
  2. A complaint should contain at least the Forum user’s name or the e-mail address used during registration with the Service, description of the reported reservations and indication of a proposed resolution.
  3. Where an incomplete complaint is received, the Company will refer to the sender for completion of the necessary information.
  4. The Company is obliged to respond without delay, however not later than within 14 days from a complete complaint being received. The Company reserves the right to extend this period – by no more than 10 days – where complaint examination requires non-typical, special actions and arrangements, or where obstacles are encountered beyond the Company’s control and without its fault (e.g. hardware or Internet network break-down).
  5. A response is sent solely to the e-mail address given by the user during registration with the Service. In specifically justified cases, a response may be sent to a different e-mail address indicated by the complainer.


  1. These Terms can be amended at any time, in particular in order to reflect changes made in the services provided electronically by the Company or amendments to the applicable law.
  2. In order to obtain full details about the Service functioning, please read also the Privacy Policy made available at: https://www.cdprojekt.com/en/privacy-policy/