Equal salary

In CD PROJEKT, we pay a great deal of attention to the equal treatment of all team members. We have included our commitment in this area in the Business and Ethics Standards of the CD PROJEKT Group. For several years, we have been building and constantly improving our employee remuneration policy to ensure a fair level of remuneration and career advancement opportunities for each member of our staff, regardless of gender, age or nationality. To be sure that we attract the highest quality talent, we revise our employee remuneration scale every year through benchmarking ourselves to the market in terms of the remuneration we offer to staff at each job level. We obtain benchmarking data from external sources to ensure that the process is as unbiased as possible. An additional aspect that helps us monitor how effective our solutions are is the compa-ratio (CR).

Due to CD PROJEKT’s employment structure arising from the specific nature of the gaming industry, both in Poland and worldwide, and the resulting difficulty in selecting comparable data at all job levels, we measure the potential pay gap in CD PROJEKT S.A. using the compa-ratio because we believe it fairly reflects the gender pay ratio. CR provides a baseline for determining the midrange point of compensation brackets at each level. The listed values represent CR derived for women and men respectively.

Compa-ratio (CR) for each employee* in CD PROJEKT

*Employed on the basis of all types of work arrangement (employment contract, mandate, B2B, specific contract) without taking into account the remuneration of the Members of the Management Board of CD PROJEKT S.A.

We regard 97% as a very good result, made possible by our longstanding remuneration policy. The slight difference (3%) in favor of men is generally due to their longer average duration of employment at the Company, which translates into additional job experience.