Diversity and inclusion

CD PROJEKT has had its Diversity Policy in place since 2018. This policy sets core values upon which our organizational culture is based.

CD PROJEKT is also a signatory of the Diversity Charter. It is an international initiative under the auspices of the European Commission that obligates us to forbid discrimination in the workplace and take action to create and promote diversity and engage team members and business partners in such actions.

Our commitments regarding diversity and inclusion are expressed in

Rules of the Game. Business and Ethics Standards at the CD PROJEKT Group.

Girls in the Game!

Girls in the Game!” is the first scholarship and mentoring program in Poland dedicated specifically to female high school students, offering the opportunity to learn practical aspects of work in the videogame industry and gain valuable experience under the supervision of our experts. The program is co-organized by CD PROJEKT and Fundacja Edukacyjna Perspektywy.

The program is addressed to girls who live in smaller towns and are at the early steps of planning their future and their professional career. Our goal is to make our industry more accessible to such candidates – which also contributes to diversity.

The first edition of “Girls in the Game!” ended in January 2023. From the very beginning the program attracted great interest – we received 1 400 applications from all around Poland. Following a multistage recruitment process, we extended formal invitations to 20 exceptionally talented applicants.

Over the course of one year, our mentors – CD PROJEKT specialists – shared their knowledge and professional experience with program participants. They also helped their protégés gain self-confidence and plan further steps along their chosen path of professional development. Participants took part in workshops and events, and received financial support (1000 PLN monthly) to finance further development and educational activities.

The second edition of the program was launched on 28 January 2023.

Practical guide for the organization: “The culture of diversity and inclusion – step by step”

In June 2021, we worked with our partners to issue the Practical Guide for the Organization: “The Culture of Diversity and Inclusion – Step by Step”, in which we compiled the knowledge and presented best practices in the area of D&I.

The guide is the result of the work of the D&I Roundtable group – the individuals managing diversity and building an inclusive culture in 15 different organizations and companies, the Polish Institute for Human Rights and Business, Diversity+ and independent male and female experts, with the financial support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Poland.