Diversity in games

Marcin Blacha
Story Director at CD PROJEKT

At CD PROJEKT, we are committed to create virtual worlds that are as immersive as possible and provide gamers with high quality entertainment. For this reason, we create a reality that is credible and internally consistent. We reflect the diversity of our world in large and small things and its bright and dark sides. This is how we create fantastic worlds inhabited by people of flesh and blood entangled in events that are emotionally engaging. We believe that only such deep worlds may engage gamers enough so that they want to come back to them. Depth is achieved by designing digital reality from various elements in such a way that it can be fashioned into a mosaic.

Gamers are the final creators of this mosaic. By replaying the stories we prepared using their expectations, they create their own experiences and the game as an interactive medium makes this possible by offering a variety of choices. Our customers live in different places of the world. They are shaped by different cultures and local conditions, so we must make sure that everyone can find elements to create their own subjective experience in the worlds we create and in the stories we tell.

We are making efforts to place in our games characters of different personalities, social classes, ethnic groups and sexual preferences. We show the inequality that exists in the world, the diverse paths that people take, as well as various problems they must overcome. The man, with all his flaws and virtues, is at the center of our interest. This is why we do not shy away from controversy but try to affirm all that is best in humanity. When we introduce new characters into our stories, first we must make sure that we have created an interesting heroine or hero and then take a broader view on our creation, to make sure that the character is a good fit for the contrasting world we have created and in the emotionally-charged story.

We believe that, in a world in which good interacts with evil, people are capable of the very worst deeds, but also of the very best ones. We are also aware that daily life in the world is not always an arena for the struggle between good and evil; it is comprised of small wrongdoings and small heartfelt gestures. People seek their place in the world by taking winding paths, facing the challenges created by misfortune, nature and society. For us, presenting the daily struggle for a better life is usually more interesting than clashes of ideas.