When carrying out recruitment processes at CD PROJEKT, we always look for creative, ambitious and passionate individuals eager to pursue their career with us. Among our top priorities is relentless acquisition of the best talent on the labor market.

The values we apply in our recruitment process:

  • equality – we assess our candidates based on their competences; we make employment decisions without regard to other factors such as gender, age, nationality, race and sexual orientation; 
  • respect – we want everyone who is invited to participate in our recruitment process to be taken care of by a top-quality recruiter, regardless of the stage at which the recruitment process comes to an end; 
  • openness and honesty – during interviews, candidates are given the time to ask questions and express any doubts or concerns they may have. For our part, we tell them what it is like to work for us as a member of the specific team to which the candidate is applying; 
  • support – during the recruitment process and in the course of relocation (if necessary) the recruiter remains in constant contact with, takes care of, and provides assistance to the candidate; 
  • building long-term relationships – following the completion of the recruitment process, regardless of stage, candidates receive feedback from us which they may take advantage of in preparation for any future job-seeking efforts.

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