Training and development

A Training and Development Team operates at CD PROJEKT with the aim to enable all employees to improve their professional skills. Professional development involves not only improving one’s technical skills and specialization, but also soft skills and exchange of experiences among teams. In 2022, similarly to preceding years, we provided open professional development paths geared to improve key strategic skills of RED team members, as well as individual training plans available to all employees.

CD PROJEKT offers an open-access training and development platform called HR Skill Tree. It enables staff to sign up for training, conferences and industry events, keep track of all development meetings conducted with HR Partners and obtain access to in-house training and development materials.

General development path

The general development path covers training in the scope of soft skills, such as management of emotions, providing feedback, negotiating and managing impression. This training is organized on a periodic basis and open to all employees.

In 2022 general training activities attracted 641 participants.

Managerial development path

Improving the leadership skills of managerial staff is particularly important for implementing the Group’s business strategy. In 2021, we created a new long-term development program at CD PROJEKT to enhance key competences of our managers. The program is tailored to challenges existing at various management levels and involves, on average, 90 hours of instruction. Each manager may choose the training type, level of advancement and formula, all tailored to their individual preferences and needs.

The diverse offer includes both online and onsite workshops that are available in two language versions. Moreover, we diversified the forms of our training courses by offering training based on strategic games, case studies, action learning and short workshops (compact learning) lasting 2 hours each. The path begins with the Get Ready to Lead training which prepares newly promoted or newly hired managers to perform their roles. Get Ready to Lead consists of several workshop meetings lasting a total of 17.5 hours. Follow-up modules are dedicated for more experienced managers, and focus on skills such as managerial courage, change management or employee development.

In 2022, we trained a total of 164 persons under this program.

In 2022, 87% of CD PROJEKT staff participated in at least one training course, compared to 76% in 2021 and 57% in 2020.


For detailed statistics on training and development, see the CD PROJEKT Group’s Sustainability Report.