Current report no. 5/2022

Subject: Update concerning class action lawsuit filed in the USA

Legal basis: Art. 17 of MAR – Inside information

In relation to Current Report no. 27/2021 of 18 May 2021, Current Report no. 35/2021 of 29 June 2021, Current Report no. 43/2021 of 8 December 2021, Current Report no. 45/2021 of 16 December 2021 and Current Report no. 2/2022 of 11 January 2022, in order to provide an update on the case pending before the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California (hereinafter referred to as “the Court”), the Management Board of CD PROJEKT S.A. with a registered office in Warsaw (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) hereby announces that on 27 January 2022 it received a notification from the law firm representing the Company in the U.S. class action lawsuit, to the effect that a formal Stipulation and Agreement of Settlement together with annexes (hereinafter referred to as “the Settlement Agreement”) had been concluded between the parties. The provisions of the Settlement Agreement elaborate upon and are materially consistent with the provisions of the preceding Settlement Term Sheet (hereinafter referred to as “the Term Sheet”) disclosed by the Company in Current Report no. 45/2021 of 16 December 2021.

In addition, a separate agreement specifying the circumstances under which the Company may terminate the Settlement Agreement has been concluded, as is standard practice in such cases.

Similarly to the preceding Term Sheet, the Settlement Agreement contains a declaration whereby the Company and other defendants named in the case refuse to admit any wrongdoing.

The Settlement Agreement shall be filed in the Court on 27 January 2022 along with a motion for preliminary approval by the Court.


Disclaimer: This English language translation has been prepared solely for the convenience of English speaking readers. Despite all the efforts devoted to this translation, certain discrepancies, omissions or approximations may exist. In case of any differences between the Polish and the English versions, the Polish version shall prevail. CD PROJEKT, its representatives and employees decline all responsibility in this regard.