Current report no. 33/2021

Subject: Receipt of notification under Art. 69 section 1 of the Public Offering Act

Legal basis: Art. 70 section 1 of the Offerings Act – purchase or sale of major stock package

The Management Board of CD PROJEKT S.A. with a registered office in Warsaw (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) hereby announces that it has received a notification filed in compliance with Art. 69 section 1 point 1 of the act on public offering and conditions governing the introduction of financial instruments to organized trading and on public companies, by a shareholder of the Company, Mr. Michał Kiciński.

According to the notification, as a result of stock purchase transactions carried out by Mr. Michał Kiciński on the regulated market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange between 19 and 24 May 2021, Mr. Kiciński’s share in the total number of votes at the Company exceeded 10%.

As of the notification date, Mr. Michał Kiciński holds 10 433 719 shares of Company stock, which afford 10 433 719 votes.

Prior to the aforementioned transactions, the 10 068 309 shares held by Mr. Kiciński represented 9.99% of the Company share capital and accounted for 9.99% of the total number of votes at General Meetings of the Company.

Following the aforementioned transactions, the 10 433 719 shares of Company stock held by Mr. Michał Kiciński, affording 10 433 719 votes, represent 10.36% of the Company share capital and account for 10.36% of the total number of votes at General Meetings of the Company.

Additionally, the notification submitted by the shareholder states that he does not control any subsidiary entities which hold Company stock, and that the circumstances identified in Art. 87 section 1 item 3 subitem c of the Offering Act do not apply.


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