Board members acquire 5% of stock board members have acquired 5% of company stock. In this way the CD PROJEKT Group recognizes their longstanding contribution to the growth of and the fact that the company pursues its own, autonomous business strategy. (formerly known as CD Projekt) has been operating for nearly 20 years and is among the leaders in the distribution of videogames and motion pictures on the Polish market. Last year the company launched a digital distribution platform named, through which it markets thousands of entertainment-related products: videogames, motion pictures, e-books and audiobooks. is the oldest business concern in the Group and has, since its inception, focused on the Polish market – in contrast to CD Projekt RED and, whose interests are global in scope. It is therefore natural for to follow an autonomous growth strategy.” – says Adam Kiciński, President of CD PROJEKT.

The strategic goal of is to become the national market leader in the area of digital distribution. The company intends to position as the most popular and most widely recognized brand in the digital entertainment segment in Poland. also focuses on the premium retail segment.

From our perspective it makes sense to offer partnership to members of the management board and enable them to acquire 5% of the company stock. This action is as much a symbolic measure, underscoring the autonomy of, as it is a practical one, as from now on the company will be managed by its actual co-owners.” – explains Adam Kiciński. is the most highly acclaimed and most widely recognized Polish publisher and distributor of console and PC games. It is also the exclusive distributor of Disney games and motion pictures on Blu-ray and DVD. In October 2012 the company launched a new online digital distribution platform called, which currently features nearly 3.5 thousand products, including e-books and comics, audiobooks, motion pictures and videogames.