Intellectual property protection

The intellectual property rights vested in CD PROJEKT are primarily related to the universe of “The Witcher” and “Cyberpunk”. For each one of them CD PROJEKT has procured the acquisition of intellectual property rights beyond the games field, which in the long-run will facilitate the development of our IP also in areas other than just video games.

Intellectual property creation and protection

Intellectual property creation and protection are the grounds of CD PROJEKT’s activity; that is why in the framework of our activities we incessantly tend to the rights held by CD PROJEKT. Each one of our video games consists of many different elements, i.e. among other things, software, sound effects, graphic elements, storylines; each one of them taken individually and as a whole constitutes intellectual property.

The dedicated Business & IP team operating as part of the CD PROJEKT Legal Department is responsible for the protection and management of intellectual property. 

In the Business & IP team: 

  • we ensure that each part of the intellectual property created by CD PROJEKT has the appropriate legal protection. As part of this area, we register trademarks and other rights subject to registration and we ensure that we acquire all copyrights from artists, 
  • we deal with the sublicensing of the intellectual property rights vested in CD PROJEKT, i.e. to numerous marketing and merchandising partners, 
  • we are responsible for ensuring that the content created by CD PROJEKT does not violate third party rights, among other things, by entering into the pertinent agreements, including licensing agreements or investigating the risk of violating trademark rights. 

In CD PROJEKT we want to give the gaming community the possibility of being inspired by our products by supporting the process of creating content based on our games. For instance, we adopted the Fan Content Guideline that make it possible to create fan content for non-commercial purposes. 

In the event of encroaching on the bounds for the allowed utilization of CD PROJEKT S.A.’s rights or violating them in some other scope, we undertake legal measures to protect the intellectual property vested in us.