The proposed sector programme GameINN has received a positive recommendation of the National Centre for Research and Development

Stowarzyszenie Polskie Gry, the association of Polish videogame producers, is proud to announce that the proposed sector programme GameINN developed by the community under the leadership of CD PROJEKT and in partnership with PwC has received a positive recommendation of the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) for its inception.

The sector programme project was initiated by Fuero Games in 2013. The purpose of GameINN is to support the videogame producer sector by developing and implementing innovative products and technologies of a high commercial potential and international reach.

Poland has more than 200 videogame producers. Their number is growing fast, creating new jobs and generating revenue. A global success in the sector requires ideas, creativity, and talent. Innovations and high technology are the driver of each economy, including the economy of Poland, especially at the time of economic slow-down, said Adam Kiciński, CEO of CD PROJEKT and President of Stowarzyszenie Polskie Gry. 

With the R&D (research and development) support, the videogame sector, already perceived as an ambassador of modern Poland, will be in an even better position to compete with international peers. In the long term, the videogame sector programme will help to intensify R&D activity and foster the growth of domestic research centres.

PwC was responsible for advisory services including substantive support for the project and a feasibility study of the sector programme INNGames.

Stowarzyszenie Polskie Gry is an association established in 2015 to boost the global potential and innovation of Polish videogame producers, the long-term competitiveness of the sector and its competences. The association groups the biggest and most prominent Polish videogame producers (in alphabetical order): 11 bit studios, Artifex Mundi, Bloober Team, CD PROJEKT, CI Games, Flying Wild Hog, Fuero Games, People Can Fly, Techland, The Farm 51 and Vivid Games, which jointly represent 37% (2013) of the sector’s production in Poland and 35% of all jobs in the sector (2013 figures).