The CD PROJEKT GROUP summarizes its 2014 activities and release preparations

  • In 2014 the CD PROJEKT Group obtained 96.2 million PLN in revenues and 9.5 million PLN in net profit from continuing activities.
  • The Group is finalizing preparations for the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. An intensive advertising campaign will be launched in several weeks.
  • Both previous parts of The Witcher continue to generate substantial sales.


Throughout 2014 the Studio carried on with intensive videogame development work and preparations for its largest release to-date.

We have managed to secure a place at the forefront of the videogame development market – particularly with regard to client perception. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is now counted among the world’s most anticipated releases, as evidenced by over 200 awards and nearly 80 magazine cover features. This, however, is only the beginning of our promotional activities. – says Adam Kiciński, President of the CD PROJEKT Management Board. 

In 2014 the Company wrapped up its distributor selection process, signing agreements with selected distributors. Box editions of the game will be available in 109 countries while digital editions – carried by Steam and GOG – can be purchased worldwide.

 Among the highlights of 2014 is the expansion of the Witcher universe with additional lines of tie-in products. Together with Dark Horse Comics the Company published the first series of Witcher-themed comic books, with another series currently in preparation. The franchise also benefitted from the release of The Witcher Adventure Game, available as a board game and as a mobile application for tablet devices. Early 2015 marked the debut of The Witcher Battle Arena – a mobile game which represents CD PROJEKT’s first experiment with an entirely new business model. In addition to generating additional revenues for CD PROJEKT, the above mentioned projects also substantially strengthen The Witcher franchise and contribute to the expected market success of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. is developing on local markets and conducts testing of GOG Galaxy

The past year was also very important for the Group’s digital distribution segment. rolled out a number of improvements and features aimed at customers living outside the USA. The platform added support for local currencies (GBP, EUR, RUB and AUD) as well as popular e-payment services (e.g. Sofort, Yandex and Webmoney). In November 2014 GOG Ltd. launched the French language edition of its service, with nearly 300 products available in French. This was followed in Q1 2015 with the launch of the German edition which included German-speaking customer support. In its quest for user satisfaction the Company also expanded its catalogue with Linux videogame releases – currently over 160 items. 

The single most important project from the perspective of further development of is the Company’s pioneering technology stack called GOG Galaxy. This technology will permit GOG Ltd. to expand its catalogue with additional full-price global releases as well as games which provide multiplayer gameplay modes (previously unsupported on The first game to make use of GOG Galaxy is The Witcher Adventure Game.