Gamers, on your marks – Blood and Wine launches tonight!

The second expansion pack for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine – was released today. This is the second and final expansion pack for CD PROJEKT RED’s latest release, which has already gained cult status.

Blood and Wine offers over 30 hours of gameplay, set in an entirely new region – the idyllic land of Toussaint, dotted by picturesque vineyards and untouched by the ravages of war. All this, however, is merely pretense. Geralt must uncover the dark secret harbored by Toussaint and confront the evil at its heart.

Much like the previous expansion pack – Hearts of Stone – Blood and Wine has already gained acclaim among gaming media representatives. gave it a score of 100/100, while foreign portals – PC Gamer and XGN – followed up with scores of 94/100 and 96/100 respectively. We are elated to see Blood and Wine receive so much praise from gamers and journalists alike. We hope that the new, grand tale which we tell in this second expansion, will encourage more players to try out the base game as well. – says Adam Kiciński, CD PROJEKT S.A. President of the Board.

Blood and Wine concludes the Witcher trilogy and – in a symbolic sense – wraps up an important chapter in the company’s history. This is not to say we’re about to rest on our laurels. Quite the opposite – we continue to set the bar ever higher. All our attention is now focused on Cyberpunk 2077 and on new projects previously announced in our strategy. – remarks Adam Kiciński.

The expansion pack has been released for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A box version is also available, containing two new Gwent decks: Nilfgaard and Northern Kingdoms. Players who only have the base game can purchase both expansion packs as a bundle.