Game of innovations – millions for key sectors of the economy

The National Center for Research and Development has issued two new calls for proposals intended to
enhance the innovative potential and growth opportunities of the Polish industry. Videogame developers
will compete for a share of an 80 million PLN funding pool under the GAMEINN project, while
companies representing the steel industry will receive a total of 120 million PLN earmarked for R&D
activities under the INNOSTAL project.

– Industry is the foundation of the Polish economy. We want to strengthen this foundation by investing in its most promising sectors. Industrial development should be based on scientific achievements so that Poland can move on from emulating others to being an innovator in its own right. We can only achieve this goal if we exploit the synergies between our economic and scientific potential – says Jarosław Gowin, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Science and Higher Education.

NCRD sectoral programs are part of the governmental Program for Responsible Development. Their aim is to facilitate reindustrialization and enhance the potential of key entrepreneurs representing crucial branches of the economy.

– Poland has the potential to be counted among the global champions of innovation. It makes sense to play to our strengths – hence the focus on the steel industry and videogame development. NCRD not only roots for our innovators, but provides them with the means to enhance their standing and become key players on the global arena. – remarks Professor Maciej Chorowski, Director of the National Center for Research and Development

Development of Polish videogames
The GAMEINN program which aims to support Polish videogame developers, has been instituted on the request of the Polish Videogame Accord (Porozumienie Polskie Gry), which brings together CD PROJEKT S.A. – creators of the global hit “The Witcher” – and two other companies with a strong position on the videogame development market: Techland and VIVID Games.

Resources assigned to the GAMEINN program will help fund the development of new technologies, including multiplatform gamer engines, real image mapping algorithms, 3D modeling for the purposes of creating immersive virtual worlds and enrichment of videogames with AI elements.

Companies representing the videogame development segment may submit R&D co-financing proposals between 1 June and 16 August 2016. The call is open to individual companies and consortia. Eligible projects must have a budget between 500 thousand and 20 million PLN.

Support for the steel industry
The second program – INNOSTAL – was set up on the initiative of the Steelworking Chambers of Industry and Commerce, with the goal of facilitating innovations in the steel industry and increasing its overall competitiveness. The program is expected to last until 2026 and will support steel manufacturing R&D while reducing the industry’s negative impact on the environment – among others, by reducing the energy footprint of metal production activities. Funding will also be allocated towards development of new alloying processes and recycling technologies.

The first open call under the INNOSTAL project carries a total allocation of 120 million PLN. Co-financing
proposals can be submitted between 1 June and 15 September of the current year, by individual companies and project consortia. Eligible projects must have a budget between 2 million and 30 million PLN. Both sectoral programs – GAMEINN and INNOSTALL – will be financed under Activity 1.2 “Sectoral R&D Programs” of the 2014-2020 Intelligent Development Operational Program.