Stakeholders and materiality assessment

Stakeholders and materiality check

We regard active, direct and open dialogue with our stakeholders as the basis of our market success and further development; in other words, we engage in dialogue with people who contribute to shaping our company, or who are interested in our business.

CD PROJEKT Group’s Stakeholders

Before preparing the CD PROJEKT Group’s 2021 Sustainability Report we conducted a review of the key groups of stakeholders at the Company and the Group, and tentatively defined, on the basis of proprietary and sector-specific analysis, the significant ESG issues for the Group to report. The stakeholder mapping process was done using the Johnson&Scholes matrix.

Subsequently we organized an anonymized survey and carried out in-depth interviews regarding ESG disclosures which are considered significant by representatives of each group of stakeholders. This study was conducted between June and September 2021 in collaboration with third-party experts.

The presented study resulted in a significance matrix of ESG issues deemed important for the CD PROJEKT Group. It portrays the assessment of significant ESG topics from two vantage points: their interest to our stakeholders and their importance for the Group’s development.

Out of the 22 issues evaluated in terms of interest to CD PROJEKT’s stakeholders and importance for the Group’s development, the Company’s Board of Directors selected ten priority topics identified as the most relevant:

  1. Moderation and listening to the gaming community
  2. Business ethics – fair competitive practices, respecting intellectual property and preventing corruption and fraud
  3. Team health and safety
  4. Responsible marketing communication
  5. Clearly defined standards and norms concerning governance and directions for its improvement laid down in the growth strategy
  6. Professional training and development
  7. Satisfaction and motivation
  8. Diversity and inclusion, equality
  9. Well-being, work ergonomics and workplace comfort
  10. Privacy of customers and team members; their data security and protection against cybercrime