ESG risk management

The list of risks in ESG areas includes risks that the Company identifies as significant (strategic) and analyses in accordance with the Risk Management Procedure, as well as risks that have not yet been identified as strategic, but which the Company considers significant in the ESG area.

Environment and climate risk

  1. Risk related to regulatory and market pressure to undertake activities related to environmental and climate protection

Social risks

  1. Risk associated with availability and recruitment of specialists
  2. Risk associated with departure of team members
  3. Risk associated with cultural differences
  4. Risk of noncompliance with employment regulations

Governance and organization risks

  1. Cybersecurity risks related to leakage, loss or unauthorized modification of data
  2. Risk associated with processing personal data
  3. Risk associated with intellectual property rights

Detailed descriptions of ESG risks and actions taken to mitigate them can be found in the CD PROJEKT Group’s Sustainability Report.

Detailed information on the risk management system at CD PROJEKT S.A. and a description of the risks identified as significant (strategic) for the CD PROJEKT Group, along with information on actions taken to mitigate them, can be found in the Management Board Report on the activities of CD PROJEKT S.A. and CD PROJEKT Group.