The CD PROJEKT Group Sustainability Report for 2023 is now available!

The Sustainability Report is part of the CD PROJEKT Group’s annual report for 2023. The document has been prepared in accordance with GRI and SASB standards. To ensure the quality and accuracy of information contained in the Report, selected GRI indicators which are relevant for our business have been subjected to independent external verification.

We preceded the preparation of the CD PROJEKT Group Sustainability Report for 2023 with a double materiality assessment, which involved – among others – representatives of our team, the gaming community, the capital market, gaming media and trade organizations. Their insight, coupled with the financial and business context of CD PROJEKT’s activities, helped us identify ESG matters which are particularly relevant for further development of our Group.

The Report contains, among others, a description of actions undertaken by us in 2023 in the context of environmental, social, employment and governance matters. It also addresses our future plans, with new, ambitious goals we intend to achieve in the coming years.



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