RED Summer Internship through the eyes of the interns

From July to the end of September this year, the second edition of RED SUMMER INTERNSHIP took place, an internship programme designed to give career starters the opportunity to gain experience in the video game production industry.

This year, 19 interns took part in the RED SUMMER INTERNSHIP and had the opportunity to learn what it is like to work in a game development company and gain valuable work experience.

It was a unique experience. Spending time in the music department has greatly broadened my horizons and enriched my knowledge and skills. I had the opportunity to observe how game music is created and the challenges developers face with such large-scale projects. I am glad that I had the opportunity to be on an internship at CD PROJEKT RED – Kaja, an intern in the music design department.

The internship at CD PROJEKT RED was important for me, mainly because of the newly acquired skills that would have been almost impossible to learn in any other place. Besides, this experience opens many doors for me, both developmentally and professionally – an intern in the motion capture department.

My internship at CD PROJEKT RED allowed me to learn what dealing with sustainability issues looks like in practice in a company that has such a large and diverse audience of gamers around the world. I’m glad that companies like CD PROJEKT take corporate responsibility seriously, and the internship programme for young people is, in my opinion, the best example of that – Alex, an intern in the ESG department. 

Detailed information about the summer internships at CD PROJEKT RED can be found on the CD PROJEKT RED studio website.