Dziewczyny w grze! launches for a 3rd session

On the 9th of February, we marked the grand culmination of the second edition of our esteemed Dziewczyny w grze!/Girls in the Game! program, organized by CD PROJEKT in collaboration with Perspektywy Women in Tech. The event witnessed a remarkable display of talent as mentees and mentors delivered captivating presentations, unveiling their contributions across diverse game development fields such as programming, art, animation, story development, and production.

The finale was joined by representatives of Dell Technologies, newly announced partner of the program. Dell’s support ensures that the participating girls will benefit from cutting-edge equipment and access to technological know-how.

The event continued on February 10th with the launch of the program’s third edition! The inaugural day saw our new mentees forging connections with their mentors, signing mentorship contracts, and setting ambitious goals for the upcoming year. The participants attended a mentoring workshop, led by Joanna Koper from the Perspektywy Foundation. Additionally, Karolina Koprianiuk shared a presentation on the significance of inclusive language. The day was heightened by a significant presentation delivered by Paweł Sasko, who provided profound insights into the intricacies of game development. 

The event was a great opportunity for girls from the second and third editions to be united, establishing the vibrant Girls in the game! community. We have high hopes for another year of fostering creativity, facilitating learning, and shattering barriers in the dynamic realm of game development.