ESG risk management

The list of risks in ESG areas includes risks that the Company identifies as significant (strategic) and analyses in accordance with the… Read more

Our ESG approach

CD PROJEKT Group’s approach to managing ESG issues is presented in a video in which Piotr Nielubowicz – Member of the Board,… Read more

Communication with gamers

Treating players with respect is one of the cornerstones upon which CD PROJEKT RED was founded. When creating our titles, we always give it… Read more

Carbon footprint

The CD PROJEKT Group measures and discloses its carbon footprint in three scopes (1, 2 and 3) which together reflect the extent of our… Read more

Eco-friendly campus

In August 2020 we installed 328 photovoltaic panels with a total capacity of 100 kW on the roofs of four buildings at CD PROJEKT’s campus… Read more

Diversity and inclusion

CD PROJEKT has had its Diversity Policy in place since 2018. This policy sets core values upon which our organizational culture is based…. Read more


When carrying out recruitment processes at CD PROJEKT, we always look for creative, ambitious and passionate individuals eager to pursue… Read more