Training and development

A Training and Development Team operates at CD PROJEKT with the aim to enable all employees to improve their professional skills…. Read more

Promised Land

CD PROJEKT S.A. implemented the project called “Promised Land”, the aim of which was to organize two editions of the… Read more


In 2022, we implemented the Compliance Management Policy at CD PROJEKT S.A., based upon which the Chief Compliance Officer and the Privacy… Read more

Data protection

In 2022 we uniformized our information security standards, among others by adopting the CD PROJEKT Group Information Security Policy and… Read more

Download center

2022 CD PROJEKT Group Sustainability Report for 2022 Independent assurance CD PROJEKT ESG Report 2022 2021 CD PROJEKT GROUP Sustainability… Read more

Speak Up

Report an irregularity You can report an irregularity here. More information can be found in our guide – Reporting irregularities. CD… Read more